“The reason I follow you Kirstien is that my Lovie shakes and pees every time I would take her to another groomer.  Dogs are much smarter than we humans.  She knew where she was safe.  She loves you!  I had a similar feeling with your last employer when I was told that I could not use you as a groomer if I did not have a “yearly physical” which would cost me at least $200!  You were worth the “yearly physical”, and certainly are worth every penny you charge now.  If anyone has tried to groom a cocker spaniel, you would know that it takes hours to achieve a mundane result.  It is a terribly hard thing to do to manage all that hair, and when I pick Lovie up she always looks so cute, even when I tell you to trim her down and give her poodle feet.  We will follow you to the ends of the earth!” -Connie Redd

” I love Groom with a View. Kirstine does a great job. When I got there, there was a turtle on her back patio eating a strawberry. Very cute!” -Diane Hendrickson

Diane is kitty-mom to Connor and Maxi.  They are part La Perm and part Egyptian Mau.  That interesting combination makes for a BIG and sweet cat.

“Cooper loves Kirstine and he couldn’t be happier….look at that happy face!” -Debbie Clark

Debbie is doggie-mom to Cooper.  He is a Teacup poodle and the smallest dog that Groom with a View grooms.

“Groom with a View is awesome. Elliott looks so wonderful!” -Maylynn Leighton

Elliot is  a Blue Labrador Retriever.  He comes in for a bath and de-shed treatment.

“Bogart and Sicily look great and they LOVE, Kirstine!!!~” -Teresa Allred

This is Bogart, he and his sister Sicily are Bichon Frises. They come in once a month to stay looking their best.