Groom with a View is not high volume, because that equals higher stress for both the pets and the groomer.

When your pet arrives they are placed in a kennel (kennels give them a feeling a security and safety) to allow them to relax and get comfortable with the environment. Ideally they get to watch another cat or dog get groomed, observation is the best teacher.

When it is your pets turn we place them on my grooming table and evualate their condition. We look at the condition of the hair and skin. We also look for any health or behavior issues. At this time the nails are filed, instead of using nail clippers. Like the infomercial said, nail clippers crush the nail and is much more uncomfortable for the pet. When the nail is filed the groomer has more control of how short length is removed. Filing also leaves rounded edges that are less likely to scratch yo.

Part of the evaluation is checking the ears. If the needed, they are GENTLY plucked. The goal is to remove enough hair that the ear canal is opened up. The outer portion of the ear in then cleaned. If your pet appears to have infected ears you will be referred to your vet to have them diagnosed and treated.

Your pet is then taken to the tub. One of the most important parts of grooming is using the right shampoo and conditioner for your pets hair and SKIN. Utah is the second dries state in the nation. A lot of dogs come in with very dry and flaky skin. For this type of pet we use an exfoliating shampoo that helps lift the dead skin. During the bath the skin and hair is hydrated, so it is always followed up with a conditioner to seal in the moisture and soothe the skin. Cats are especially prone to having greasy hair, so they get a degreaser and a very light spray in conditioner. Each and every pet gets the shampoo and conditioner that is appropriate for him/her. During the bath the anal glands are checked, if appropriate and needed, externally expressed.

One of the best parts of the bathing process is their Blueberry Facial. This specially formulated shampoo is a gentle face cleaner, it brightens the face, is tear free and smells wonderful!

After the bath they go back to the table to be dried. If you look up “kennel dryers” you quickly realize that the drying process is a serious issue. The health and safety of your pet is our single greatest concern. Kennel dryers will never be used. You pet is hand dried. Done properly this is the safest way to dry a pet. Not only is it safe but it leaves your pet looking their best.

Everything that has occurred up to this point in the grooming has been about the health of the pet, now we get to focus on their beauty. All varieties of clips and styles are available for you pet. Most pets are clippered on their body to a length of between 1/8″ to 1″. The pet’s pads are shaved out (to prevent mats and dirt from collecting between their toes). The pet receive a sanitary trim. The last part of the haircut is the trim and neaten the face.

The very last step includes your choice of colognes and a bow(s) or bandanna.

Now your pet gets to go back to the kennel to relax and take a snooze.

Everything Groom with a View does is aimed at the health and safety of your pet.