You mean you actually give them a bath?

Yes!  Even cats need the help of a groomer.  Bathing a cat removes excess hair, reducing shedding, and removes dander and saliva (the source of allergies).  Your kitty will feel beautiful and you can wear you black clothes again.

Bathing removes excess dead hair which normally end up on your clothes, your furniture, and your cat’s stomach.  The hair can’t be digested, so it come back up in the form of hairballs.It is a win for the the kitty parents and its a win for the kitty.


But cats hate water!

Actually that isn’t true for all cats.  Turkish Vans are well known for being water lovers.  Your cat might not want to take up water sports, but it is likely your cat will tolerate the bath just fine.  We always work with the cat to minimize discomfort.  For a very few kitties we will skip the bath and freshen up using rinse-less shampoos.



If your cat is a rock star disguised as a feline…


We have some fun, and safe, options for them to show off their personality.  Mumu likes to try something new each groom.