Before You Send Us A Message

Groom with a View has not been accepting new clients for years due to us being a small business with only one groomer. This last year, Groom with a View, has taken on Mandee as a second groomer and we are now able to accept new clients. Currently Mandee has availability for new clients on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Mandee is only accepting dogs who weigh less than 25 pounds. Mandee is accepting cats. Kirstine is currently not accepting new clients unless you have a Cairn terrier. Thank you for your interest in our shop.

What We Need From You

Sending a message through our website is the best way to contact us as a NEW client. Once we have you and your pet in our system you will find the most success in reaching us through text on our business line. Please do not use this form to contact us if you are a current client. When reaching out the first time we ask that you provide us with a few basic information points that will help us decide if we have the capacity/availability to groom your pet. 

              • You (the owner) full name
              • Your personal address
              • Phone number
              • Your email address
              • Your pet’s name
              • Your pet’s breed
              • Your pet’s birthday
              • Any specific/unique needs and grooming history (Being sent home during grooming for anxiety or aggression, Allergy needs, injuries current or chronic. If you have a puppy that is coming for the first groom we want to know! We will go slow and book on our lowest volume days for special needs pets.)

We so appreciate the time and effort it takes to reach out and look for a groomer and we hope you can also appreciate the efforts we put into responding. Thank you for your patience. 

Text number


12917 S. Brown’s Pond Cove (200 E.)

Draper, UT

Business hours

Tuesday – Saturday: 8AM – 6PM, by appointment only

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