You've got questions, we've got answers

Here’s some common questions we get asked.  If you want any additional info, or have a question not listed here, feel free to get in contact with us.

How long will it take for you to groom my pet?

There are a lot of factors that influence how long it can take to groom a dog or cat.  The length of time for grooming can be affected by condition of your pet, temperament and size.  Here at Groom with a View we put an emphasis on creating a low stress environment for your pets. A large part of that environment is influenced by the staff. As a staff we want to know we have the time to give your pet exactly what they need. Because of this it can be anywhere from 2 to 5 hours to complete grooming.  We will text you when your pet is done and ready for pick up. Due to the lack of predictability within finish times we do not expect you to pick up immediately after receiving a pick up notification text. You can feel free to let us know you received the message and when you will be picking up. The latest pickup time is 6pm unless specifically told otherwise under special circumstances. Some owners think that if their pet is at the salon for a “long” time it is stressful for the pet.  The reality is that most pets sleep before and after grooming.  When we try to rush pets in and out it becomes more stressful than the actual grooming.

How often should my pet be groomed?

Professional grooming needs will vary based upon type of breed, care between grooms and your desires as the owner. For example, if you have a doodle you want to keep in a long coat you will need to come in more often or do a lot of upkeep at home to prevent matting. We will always recommend the time frame we believe is best but are happy to talk with you to find what works. We can always reevaluate the length between grooming sessions if a dog has to be taken shorter due to matting. Professional grooming for dogs may be required every 2 weeks to every 8 weeks. Most cats need to be professionally groomed every 6 weeks or less.

What if I am unable to keep my scheduled appointment?

We ask to be notified 24 hours in advance so that we may fill your slot. In the circumstance of needing to cancel within 24 hours we ask that you text us and we will handle these occurrences on a case by case basis.  If you do not cancel or show up for a scheduled appointment, this is considered a “no show” and you may be charged a no show fee from 50%-100% of the cost of the groom.  

I am running late, can I still bring my pet in?

We ask that you always try to be on time, as time is being set aside for your pet, but if you are within 15 minutes of your appointment we will still accept your pet. As this is a generous window of leniency we have to draw a hard line somewhere. If you are more than 30 minutes late you will be asked to reschedule your pet.

Oops, I forgot my appointment. What do I do now?

Life happens and sometimes we do forget. After the second missed appointment you may be required to pre-pay in order to schedule a grooming appointment. We may request a deposit that will be applied towards the groom in order to reschedule. If you miss your appointment the payment will be applied towards the time of the groomer. As a new client if you miss your first appointment we will not schedule you again.

I think my pet is sick, can I still bring them in for grooming?

No! Most illnesses a pet can get are transmittable from one pet to another. If you believe your pet might be sick please take them to your Veterinarian to have them checked out prior to bringing them into Groom with a View. Always ask your Veterinarian if you have questions about how long you have to wait before seeing the groomer after treatment or after a surgery. If you have any additional questions you can always text us.

Will you de-mat my pet?

No! Cats and dogs have thinner skin than humans do. When done without care, combing out even little tangles can be painful for your pet. Full scale de-matting will most certainly be torturous for them. With this said there is a difference between a tangle and a mat. Lots of tangles will come out during the bath and blow dry portion of the groom with patience and careful technique. Matting is the hair clumps that are so tight they cannot be combed or blown-out without ripping or tearing the hair causing major irritation and even bruising to the skin. Groom with a View policy is that per request we will cut out a small number of mats to avoid shaving the entire pet short. At a certain point a pet will be deemed too matted for this service and we will let you know they need to be shaved. We are always happy to discuss a plan moving forward to avoid this outcome with you in the future but we will not put your pet through unnecessary pain for appearance sake.

Do cats like getting a bath?

Contrary to popular belief, most cats do not mind being bathed. In fact, many are very calm during the bathing process and seem to find it relaxing. But of course not every cat likes getting a bath. Whatever type of cat you have we are trained to keep them safe through the whole process. Each time we bathe a cat we use special techniques to introduce them at a pace that helps them learn about everything that’s going on until they are comfortable with the routine. Although the whole process of going to the groomers can be a bit overwhelming for a cat we know from experience that cat owners report they have a very happy cat after they return home from a day at Groom with a View.

Why is my cat acting funny after coming home from the groomers?

Although getting a bath or a haircut as a cat can be a relief it can also be an overwhelming experience. When your cats gets a haircut they might feel more exposed, as their skin will be a lot more sensitive.  Give them time to get comfortable, and don’t laugh or make fun of them.

When a cat gets a bath they smell differently when they come home and your other pets may not recognize your cat because of this. Cats rely on their sense of smell a lot more than we realize. With a little time your cat will start to smell more like itself again and things will quickly return to normal.  To speed up this process, take a washcloth and rub it all over the other cat, then rub it on the groomed cat.  This will transfer the smell of the other kitties and should calm them down.

Will you sedate my pet?

We do not sedate cats or dogs for grooming. In reality, very few pets truly do need any sort of sedative in order to be groomed.  If we do think your pet would best be served by receiving medication, we will refer you to your veterinarian for a mild sedative that can be administered prior to the grooming appointment.