Mandee Burton - Groomer

Mandee has been working as a groomer for a little over a year though she got her start as a bather. Mandee met Kirstine back in 2018 when she was hired as a bather for Groom with a View. Under Kirstine’s direction Mandee quickly became an excellent bather. She was naturally inclined to communication with the dogs and was quick to adjust to each dog’s individual needs. After a year of bathing she took a few years away from Groom with a View to travel the world as a flight attendant. After living in a few different states over 4 years Mandee found herself thinking of home. Eventually she found herself back in Utah under Kirstine’s mentorship to become a pet stylist and she hasn’t looked back. Although she is still discovering her own personal style Mandee currently has a focus in high anxiety and fearful dogs. She is developing her skills as a cat groomer and hopes to specialize in cats in the future.

Eric Burton - Bather

Eric began working at Groom with a View back in 2020 as a bather though he has been a dog person his whole life. Eric became a proud dog dad at 17. His black boxer/lab mix , Charcoal has enthusiasm to spare and a tongue that cannot be stopped. Under direction from Kirstine Eric has developed his professional skills as a bather over his 3 years of employment at Groom with a View. Eric has learned how to communicate with each of the dogs to make it a comfortable and easy going experience every time a dog visits. He is thorough and patient while working on dogs with a variety of needs.

Mandee's Certifications
  • Geriatrics & Obese Handling Care Program through Classy Canine Grooming
  • Common Skin Lesions and Bumps in Pets through VSCU Dermatology for Animals
  • Certified CPR & First Aid for Pets through Pet Tech
Eric's Certifications
  • Certified CPR & First Aid for Pets through Pet Tech