Important Updates

May 2023

Recently Kirstine was diagnosed with Invasive Lobular and Ductal Carcinoma.  Cancer is never good news, but all the rest of the news was good.  It doesn’t appear to have moved to the lymph nodes, or anywhere else in her body.  This does mean that she will need to have surgery to remove the tumor.  Surgery is scheduled for June 20th, 2023.  She will be unable to work for 5 weeks after the surgery.  Mandee will be covering for a lot of Kirstine’s clients, and local groomers have volunteered to help take clients during this time.  Kirstine will still be available to “supervise”, which probably means she will be absolutely stir crazy, but unable to lift or give physical assistance.  If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to text 801-558-3099.  You can also follow her updates on Facebook ( and TikTok (@.groomwithaview or @kirstinerreynolds).

June 2023

Beginning June 1, 2023 Groom with a View will be instituting a price increase.  In the past price increases of approximately 5% were made in January every other year to keep up with cost of living increases.  During the pandemic, inflammation hit everyone.  Prior we were able to buy the top of line shampoo for $37, now it goes for $53.  A box of latex gloves could be bought for $8 and now it ranges from $17-$23.  In the last three years all other grooming shops increased their prices, but we resisted.  Unfortunately, our bookkeeping has brought home the reality that we are no longer covering the costs of operations.  This price increase will be significant compared to past, but it brings us in line with the average grooming prices in the industry.

Pricing will be based on three different factors: 1) Type of hair, 2) Difficult of haircut, and 3) Weight of dog.  Dogs will be weighed by Groom with a View staff when new pricing is assigned.  To see an estimate of your new price, please contact your groomer, or reference the pricing page.