Bringing your cat in to the groomer for the first time can be overwhelming. Do you just want a bath or are you thinking about doing a haircut as well? When bringing a cat in the first time the condition of your cat may limit the options of your first groom. When a pet is matted past the point of minor tangling our only option will be to bath and shave the cat. Every time a mat gets wet and dries it will tighten. As these mats tighten it can quickly become painful for the animal.  After the first appointment when a cat is kept on a regular schedule you will always have the choice of all our services. We offer a lion clip, a comb cut or just a bath and brush.

The lion clip is a close body shave primarily on the torso of the cat. You have options for a natural or bobble head as well as a natural or pom tail.

The comb cut is a a clip where the length on the body is left anywhere from 1/4″ to 1″. This cut is the same length all over.

The bath and brush is a full service bath starting with blueberry facial, shampoo and conditioner. Includes a combination of kennel and hand drying and a brush out. The bath and brush is included in any haircut.

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Benefits of Cat Grooming

Regular bathing for cats can be very important. Many long-haired cats are prone to getting large mats in their fur and object to regular brushing. These mats can become tight and can quickly begin to cause your pet pain and discomfort. Keeping your cat on a regular schedule for bathing will prevent matting and will help avoid the need to shave down to a lion clip. While a lion clip can be fun for some cats others have a really difficult time sitting through a haircut and do better with the maintenance of regular bathing.