Because the health and saftey of your pet is our biggest concern there are some things that we don’t do.

1) Brush teeth. Brushing your pet’s teeth is really important, but to be effective it must be done, at least, 3 times a week. If you are NOT brushing your pet’s teeth then having us do it is a waste of your money. Think about if you only brushed your teeth when you went to your hair dresser. If you ARE brushing your pet’s teeth then having us do it is a waste of your money, because you are already doing it. No groomer should EVER do anything more extensive to your pet’s teeth. “Deep cleaning” should always be left to your veterinarian. Groom with a View WILL flush your pet’s mouth with a chlorhexidine mouth rinse, on request. This will only provide temporary odor relief but we do not charge extra for this service.

2) Shave a Double-Coated Dog or a Short-coated Dog. If you are seeking to shave this type of dog you may be worried about your pet sheding. Possibly you’re concerned your pet is too hot during the summer, but shaving your pet is the WORST thing you could do for them. Your dog will not get a “tan” like you do. Without the “sun block” of their hair your pet could end up getting burned in the sun. Skin cancer is a very high concern for pets in Utah. Another concern with shaving these two types of dogs is “Post-grooming allopecia”. Basically this means that once the pet is shaved the hair grows back splotchy and inconsistent if it grows back at all. Veterinarians don’t fully understand why this happens but somehow the hair follicule is being damaged by shaving. Groom with a View WILL remove all that undercoat that is making your pet hot, the remaining “guard hairs” are essential for your dog to maintain his/her “cool”. For short-coated dogs we automatically “de-shed” your pet. So instead of leaving all that dead hair on your couch, it’s left at the salon. If you insist on shaving your double-coated or short-hair dog we would be happy to give you a referral to a groomer that is willing to do it.

3) De-mat your pet. To put this simply, combing out extensive tangles and mats, at the least, is uncomfortable for your pet, at the worst, it can cause bruising and pain. Cruel and Unusual Punishment is banned by the Geneva Convention. EVEN if your pet had secrets vital to National Security, we would NOT hurt your pet for money. Groom with a View WILL give you options. If you like the look of your pet in a long hair cut we can show you the best tools and methods for combing out your pet. If your busy schedule doesn’t allow for home grooming, you can bring your pet in to be groomed with us more frequently. Last of all you might decide that a shorter hair style works better for your lifestyle.

The list of things that Groom with a View won’t do is short but if there is ever a question please know we will put the health and safety of your pet first.