” I love Groom with a View.”

Kirstine does a great job. When I got there, there was a turtle on her back patio eating a strawberry. Very cute!” -Diane Hendrickson

Diane is kitty-mom to Connor and Maxi.  They are part La Perm and part Egyptian Mau.  That interesting combination makes for a BIG and sweet cat.

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You mean you actually give them a bath?
You must be out of your mind!

I’ve heard this countless times from cat owners. And I will admit that sometimes I just might be out of my mind. Despite the state of my mental health, most cats do need grooming from time to time. If you are the proud owner of a long-haired feline you know this all to well. Those of you who claim ownership to such a breed have come to understand that black outfits are no longer allowed unless you are into the white-cat-hair-all-over-black-pants look. Last time I checked it wasn’t the fashion. If I could turn back time, I would have invested my money in the company that makes those lint-remover sticky roller things..

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Kennels give your pet a feeling of security and safety

When your pet arrives they are placed in a kennel to allow them to relax and get comfortable with the environment. Ideally they get to watch another cat or dog get groomed, observation is the best teacher.

When it is your pets turn we place them on my grooming table and evaluate their condition. We look at the condition of the hair and skin. We also look for any health or behavior issues. At this time the nails are filed, instead of using nail clippers. Like the infomercial said, nail clippers crush the nail and is much more uncomfortable for the pet. When the nail is filed the groomer has more control of how short length is removed. Filing also leaves rounded edges that are less likely to scratch you.

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